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<strong>Todd M.  with warehouse inventory.</strong>
<strong>Kim C. with computer in CAD.</strong>
<strong>Judy K.  cutting material and Michelle H. with the Gerber cutting machine.</strong>
<strong>Lincoln P.  with a fabric roll while </strong><strong>Yvonne R. files the fabric rolls</strong><strong>.</strong>
<strong>Judy M., Carol W., Carla D. with  our sewing line.</strong>
<strong>Galen H-L. operating the rip saw.</strong>
<strong>Kevin D. using a band saw.</strong>
<strong>Brett F. with frame construction.</strong>
<strong>Marvin R. with a staple gun  & frame.</strong>
<strong>Barb G. applying cardboard arms.</strong>
<strong>Stephanie W. stuffing cushions.</strong>
<strong>Kathy J. & Sandy B. with  backs and panels.</strong>
<strong>Kathy J. with back stuffing.</strong>
<strong>Sean D. with upholstery line  outside arm.</strong>
<strong>Lisa F. with upholstery line  padding</strong><strong>.</strong>
<strong>Donnie P. with upholstery line upholstering backs.</strong>
<strong>John S. with upholstery line  applying nail trim.</strong>
<strong>Nancy Z. with inspection.</strong>
<strong>Loading and packaging line.</strong>
<strong>Shawn R. with packaging assembly.</strong>
<strong>Valerie R. with swatch  preparation.</strong><strong> </strong>
<strong>Don G. with maintenance.</strong>
<strong><em>If you physically tour our  place, be sure to note:</em></strong>
Todd M. with warehouse inventory.The Warehouse Team handles all raw materials from purchase through shipment.  They make sure that every day’s production schedule has the necessary parts and sort the parts for each work area.  These colleagues focus on excellence in their work center so that the rest of the production colleagues have the materials needed to build each piece of furniture.